Browser Recommendations

These browser recommendations should improve your polylearn experience and avoid any problems with activities and tools in your polylearn course

Browser Versions

For security reasons we recommend that any browser you are using for polylearn be updated to the latest version.

Recommended browsers include: Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari for the best polylearn experience 

Browser Settings

The following browser settings should be selected:

  • Enable Cookies
  • Enable Javascript
  • Note: Javascript is NOT the same as Java. Moodle and Polylearn do not require java. Some hand held devices such tablets and smart phones may exhibit problems with the drag and drop features of Polylearn. If you experience any of these problems with these devices you may want to switch to a desktop computer or laptop for these features.

Browser Add-ons

You might find it useful to download the following add ons if your browser does not already have them

A PDF Reader

To view PDFs you will need this add on to be installed. A PDF browser plugin will let you view the PDF in the browser rathher than downloading and opening the file in adobe.

Apple Quicktime

Apple Quicktime provides easy access to multiple audio and video files that can be posted on Polylearn. Macs should have Apple Quicktime installed onto their devices.

Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser will allow you to access Flash video and interactive media which may be posted by some instructors.

Browser Troubleshooting

1. Check supported browser version

     Check to see if your problem is related to your browser version (should be the latest version)

2. Clear your browser's cache

      Clearing your browser's cache could help resolve problems relationg to the drag and drop features or trouble viewing the gradebook.

3. Try a different browser or computer

4. Contact Polylearn Support

        If you are still having trouble do not hesitate to contact polylearn support at our email address