PolyLearn Help / Support

For technical support, please:

Support hours are M-F 8-5pm. Additional email support (polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu) is available the weekend before finals, the weekend before grades are due, and the weekend before the quarter begins. This email is answered by multiple PolyLearn support support people.

PolyLearn questions may be addressed through the Service Desk. The Service Desk will either be able to address your questions or pass it on to someone who can. You can either call 756-7000 or create a Service Request System Ticket within the Cal Poly Portal > Technical Service Request. The Service Desk is available M-F 8-5pm.

Users can request a face-to-face consultation with the PolyLearn Support Team. Consultations allow the user to gain one-on-one support for 1 to 2 hours on the PolyLearn items they want to address. Consultations can be about using the PolyLearn tools as well as effective teaching methods within PolyLearn.

To Access the Technical Service Request system:

Portal (http://my.calpoly.edu) Navigation:

  1. On the Main Portal Page.
  2. Under the Single Click Access to section, click the Technical Service Request link.
    Once the ticket is created, you will receive a confirmation email from the SRS System when your case is entered.
    SRS screen image
  3. Fill in the online form. Under General Issue - pick Software Related issue > PolyLearn - Moodle
  4. Make sure to fill in the course ID under Course Subject, Course Number, Course Section and Course Quarter.

For more information or questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 805-756-7000.
When you have created a Request, a Cal Poly PolyLearn Support staff will communicate with you via email or phone.

Preparing for Help

Make sure when you ask for assistance that you know all the information required to make the support time quick and effective.

  • What is the course ID? "ENGL-0101-01-2158" or ENGL 101, section 1, Fall 2015 (Fall=8, Winter=1, Spring=2, Summer=3).
  • What are you trying to do in the course? Print, download, open, chat, discuss, take a test...
  • What browser and computer are you using? Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE (not supported) | Mac or PC
  • If there are any error messages, what are they?

Make sure you know what application you are using.

The Portal...

screen image of portal

The PolyLearn system...

screen image of polylearn