YourTube is a website that allows the user to view YouTube videos with a more accessible video interface. The interface provides screen reader-friendly buttons to play, pause, mute, fast-forward, rewind, and increase/decrease the volume of videos, and lays out information pertaining to the video without all the unnecessary fluff that accompanies a video on the YouTube website. It also provides a pleasing color contrast, with a few alternatives.

To access YourTube, click here.

Table of Contents



Front Page

The first thing to notice are the three color options, each available in the red box in the top right of the page. Choose one of the three options:

Screen image of background color choices

  • White on Black - Black background, white text, and yellow links.
  • Black on White - White background, black text, black links.
  • Standard - Blue background, white text, and yellow links.

After selecting the background, enter keywords for the desired video, select the number of search results displayed, and click the Search button.
Screen image of the YourTube search bar

YourTube lists related videos similar to how they are listed on YouTube, only without a thumbnail image of the video next to each link. Additionally, a helpful "End of Results" message is displayed at the end of the list for those using screen readers.

Alternatively, a search for a particular YouTube channel can be conducted by selecting the Search Channels radio button. For example, a search can be done for the PolyLearn Support channel, which would provide a link to the PolyLearn Support channel and the videos contained there. Clicking this link provides a list of links for all the videos in the channel.

Video Page

The page that displays the video lays out features of the video in a more accessible format. For example, it will display how much of the video has been loaded in terms of mb and percentage. All the details that accompany each YouTube video are shown as text, creating a more accessible and fulfilling viewing experience.
Screen image of YourTube video page
On the video page, the video is shown at the top. Underneath are the controls for the video, all of which can be read by screen readers:

  • Play Now (turns into a pause button when video is playing)
  • Increase Volume
  • Decrease Volume
  • Mute
  • Forward 5% (fast-forward)
  • Back 5% (rewind)
  • Restart

Below the player controls are three sections:

  • Play Details lists the Player State, or how much of the video has been loaded; the Elapsed Time of the video; the Volume level; and a link to related videos.
  • Video Information lists the Title, URL, Uploader, Description, Duration, Category, Rating, and Views of the video.
  • Comments shows all the comments of the video, with most recent at the top.