The backup tool for a course can be useful, particularly for instructors who teach the same course for non-consecutive terms. When used in conjunction with the Import tool, the instructor is able to upload an entire site that they previously had, which drastically cuts down the time of setting up each individual activity for the quarter. With the ability to hide activities until they are needed, very little effort is required when managing a course that was backed up and imported.

Backup Process

Backing up a course

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To begin backing up a course, click Backup in the Administation block. There are five steps to a backup:

Initial settings

  1. Select from the three options to include in the backup: Include activities, Include blocks, and Include filters.
    Note: There are other options here, but they are unavailable to select. If it is necessary to include these in the backup, please contact the administrator.

    screenshot of backup initial settings
  2. Click Next.

Schema settings

  1. Select the activities to include in the backup.
    Note: Click the bolded week/topic to include all activities that fall under that section.

    screenshot of backup schema settings
  2. Click Next.

Confirmation and review

  1. Look over everything that is being backed up, and make sure that everything being included is accurate.
  2. Note: Click the Previous button to make any necessary changes.

    screenshot of backup confirmation settings

  3. Click Perform backup, the fourth step in the process.


  1. If successful, the message "The backup file was successfully completed" is displayed.
  2. Click Continue.