The Choice activity module is a simple ungraded poll for gathering opinions of each student in the course. The Choice activity can be used to let students decide on a certain issue in the class, or give feedback about a particular aspect in the course. The choice tool will allow students to choose ONE option within the question. If you would like to have your students pick more than one option, please see the Questionnaire tool.

Using Choice

Adding/editing a choice activity

  1. Select Turn editing on.
  2. Click on the Add an activity or resource link.
    screen image of activity pull-down list
  3. Choose the Choice tool.
  4. Click expand all link to view all setting boxes
  5. expand

  6. Under the General section, type the Choice name (required) into the text box.
  7. Type the Introduction text (required) into the text box.
  8. Type possible answers in the Option 1 and Option 2 sections.
    Note: Although two option fields must be filled, there can be as many options added as needed.
    • Limit the number of responses allowed grays out a choice after it has been picked a certain number of times.
      Note: The number of responses allowed can be set for each option in the Limit text box. For example: If your question was to have your 10 students to choose either the Yellow or Green team and only 5 can be in each, then you would limit the Yellow and Green answer to 5. After 5 people had picked one it would be closed and other only option would be the other.
    • Restrict answering to this time period determines which dates the Choice activity is open.
    • Display mode gives the option of displaying answer options either vertically or horizontally.
    • Publish results provides preference of when results are displayed to students, if at all.
    • Privacy of results shows results anonymously or by students' full names.
    • Allow choice to be updated allows students to change their answers.
    • Show column for unanswered shows which students have yet to submit an answer.
    • Visible allows the groups to see one another.
    • An ID number can be set which allows for easy reference of the assignment in the gradebook.
    • Restrict access allows the instructor to set a condition on the assignment until other assignment(s) are completed:
      • Allow access from and Allow access until determine when students can access the activity via a link on the course page.
        Note: The difference between access from/to dates and availability settings for the activity is that outside the set dates the latter allows students to view the activity description, whereas access from/to dates prevent access completely.
      • Grade condition determines any grade conditions which must be met in order to access the activity.
        Note: Multiple grade conditions may be set if desired. If so, the activity will only allow access when ALL grade conditions are met.
      • Show activity greyed-out, with restriction information / Hide activity entirely determines how the activity displays before conditions have been met.
  9. Choose either Save and return to course or Save and display.

Viewing a choice activity

  1. Click on the Choice activity.
  2. Click on View [x] responses at the top right.
  3. Each option is shown, with a list of students under each who chose that option.
    Note: To delete a student's choice, click the box next to their name and select Delete in the Choose an action... pull-down list.


Downloading results

  1. Click on the Choice activity
  2. Click on View [x] responses at the top right.
  3. Click on one of three download options:
    • Download in ODS format is an OpenDocument Spreadsheet format.
    • Download in Excel format is the common Microsoft Excel format.
    • Download in text format is a an unformatted text file format.
    Screen image of downloading options for Choice results