Filters are settings that can transform text into more complex forms, such as automatically forming links and embedded multimedia. The main purpose of enabling filters is to make the content more immersive—an attempt to enhance content beyond its written text. In PolyLearn, instructors have the option of turning individual filters off or on.


Setting Filters

Instructors have control of what filters are active. An example of when this would be necessary is when auto-linking of words to the course's glossary terms must be disabled when a student is taking a quiz or test.

  1. In the Course Menu, click Filters.
  2. Options for Filters are displayed. Choose to turn each either On or Off via their corresponding pull-down menus.

  3. Click Save changes when finished.

What does each filter do?

Activity names auto-linking

Names of activities within your course text can be linked to the activity if the instructor enables this filter.

Algebra notation

Algebra notation automatically translates typed equations into a gif image of standard notation for mathematical equations.
Note: The TeX filter must be installed for this filter to function correctly.

Glossary auto-linking

Glossary auto-linking enables words that appear throughout the course website to be automatically linked to their glossary entries.
Note: For this filter to work, the checkbox next to This entry should be automatically linked must be checked when creating/editing each glossary term.

Multimedia plugins

The Multimedia plugins filter finds URLs within the course website that link to multimedia.

  • MP4 - video (download only)
  • MP3 - audio (download only)


  • MathJax - parses text and will fully render TeX expressions that it finds appearing within specific tokens. It also improves the look of buttons and preview within the Atto text editor equation editor tool.
  • TeX notation - intended to allow one to convert text expressions into GIF, PNG or SVG images.

Note: Be sure to follow accessibility standards when uploading multimedia and enabling this filter.