iClicker Tool

The iClicker tool is an innovative, self-paced polling systems for instructors and students to utilize within the classroom. When an instructor registers their class, the instructor will be able to access this tool like a scantron in which students are given a set of questions and are required to answer them through an iClicker with alphanumeric or numeric answers. Once sent in, the system records students' immediate responses to each question. This tool allows instructors to asses their students' understanding through quick responses.

NOTE: Cloud / REEF software was updated in Nov. 2018. You will be asked to Download version 4.6. Tthe steps to link PolyLearn have changed.

REEF / Cloud

Adding iClicker REEF / Cloud to Your Course

Instructors can add i>clicker REEF/Cloud as an activity in their PolyLearn course. This will allow students to access and register their iClicker REEF phone apps. If the instructor is using the i>Clicker REEF/Cloud software, students can still use their i>Clicker Classic remotes and register with REEF for free.

First, install the iClicker Cloud software onto your computer. Once the software is install, log into your iClicker Cloud account.

iclicker cloud software icon

Within your PolyLearn course...

  1. Select Turn editing on.
  2. Click on the Add an activity or resource link.
    Add an Activity or Resource
  3. Choose the iClicker Cloud tool and then the Add button.
    screen image of activty iClicker Cloud
  4. If needed, click on Expand All in the top right corner
  5. Expand All

  6. Name the activity in the Activity name box.
  7. Change the Preconfigured tool to Automatic, based on launch URL.
    screen image of Preconfigured tool
  8. From the iClicker Cloud Software on your Desktop, click on the Settings icon on the lower left.
    iClicker cloud settings button
  9. Click on the Grade Sync button, then the Go to Grade Syn settings link. This will open the Cloud/REEF web tool.
  10. Assuming the course has already been created.
    Click on the Settings button.
  11. Click on the Grade Sync link.
  12. Turn on the Grade Sync Integration switch.
  13. Select Moodle in the pull-down Platform list.
  14. Click on the Copy Link button.
  15. Go back to the PolyLearn course.
  16. Paste the URL into the Tool URL and Secure tool URL boxes.
    Choose New window for the Launch container.
    Note: You will see the "Using tool configuration: i>Clicker Cloud" on the right after you click on your enter/return key.
  17. Scroll down to the bottom and choose either Save and return to course or Save and display.
  18. From the course main page, click on the new i>Clicker External Link you just created.

Classic Remote

Adding an iClicker Block to Your Course

Instructors can add i>clicker classic as a block on the right hand side of their PolyLearn course. This will allow students to access and register their iClicker classic remote.

If the instructor is using the i>Clicker Classic software, then REEF students would need to register their REEF through the i>Cicker Class software.

  1. Click on the Add a block button in the Right Menu .
    add a block screen image
  2. Scroll down and click on i>Clicker classic block, then the Add button.
  3. Scroll and select i>clicker.
    The iClicker block will appear:
    iClicker block

Install iClicker on your Computer

Download and install support video

1) To register your course with iClicker you will need to download the desktop application and install it on your personal computer.

Go to page 8 of the Instructor Guide, and follow the instructions provided by iClicker.
NOTE: on the Mac, the iClicker application would be located on your desktop, not within the "Applications" folder.
Mac screen image of the iclicker install

2) After you have installed the iClicker application (do not have iClicker app open, quite first)
Then Right click on the.....
MAC / PC - LMS_Wizard.xml ZIP file.
download file
Open the ZIP file to reveal the LMS_Wizard.xml file.
Move the LMS_Wizard.xml file into the iClicker > Resources folder.
iclicker folder

Register Your iClicker Class

Once you have downloaded the application and placed the LMS_Wizard.xml into your iClickerv7 folder, you can now register your class.

From the iClicker application:

  1. Click on the Create button.
    iClicker application
  2. Enter a course name and click on the Create button.

Sync iClicker to your PolyLearn Gradebook

The iClicker Grades can be sent to your PolyLearn Gradebook once you have setup the Security Key. You must install the application on your computer and add the LMS_Wizard.xml first.

  1. Click on the Settings button to link your desktop application to PolyLearn (Moodle).
    iclicker settings button
  2. To sync the iClicker Grader to the PolyLearn Gradebook, click on the Gradebook button. Then click on the Select Course button.
    iClicker Gradebook, select course
  3. Within your PolyLearn course course, under the iClicker Block, click on the Single Sing-On Security Key link.
    iClicker block
  4. Click on the Generate New Key button.
    iClicker key
  5. Copy the key code within the box.
  6. Back to the iClicker application, paste the Security Key into the text box and click on the Login In button.
    iClicker app key
  7. Back on the Settings window, click on the Save button on the bottom right.
  8. Click on the iClicker Application > Open Gradebook button.
    Open Gradebook
  9. Within the iClicker Grades Window, you can Sync Roster and then Sync Scores.
    iClicker sync

For additional support on configuring the iClicker Classic Integrate with PolyLearn (Moodle)

Review Student Registration

In order to begin your class, you must have your students register to your iClicker course.

You will want your students to purchase the iClicker2 or iClicker+ in order to begin your course. Click HERE to register your clicker.

  1. In order to view who has and has not registered for the course yet, you can click on Instructor Report underneath i>clicker.
    iclicker block, Instructor Report selected
  2. Then click on View Students under your course.
  3. There you will be able to see which students have or have not registered for your course under the Status.

    screen image of registared students