What's NEW in PolyLearn Moodle 2.4 (Fall 2013)?

The PolyLearn system wiil be upgraded to Moodle version 2.4 on Sunday  Aug. 25, 2013.

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OU Wiki

screen image of OU wikiThis Wiki was created in 2007 by Open University.

  • Relies on HTML editor.
  • When two people want to edit the same page in a wiki, it is locked to one of them. This allows setting a time-out that will release auto-submit the person who is editing saving their changes and unlocking it.
  • Can restrict editing between selected dates.
  • Ability to upload pre-defined templates. This instructor can have a set structure and some content already created to provide students structure.
  • Includes integrated comments on pages or headings and single words.
  • Displays the word count.
  • Graded option available.
  • Can be exported as a template.
  • Usage reports and statistics
  • Easy navigation, from current page to "pages linking to this page"
  • Hierarchal page index
  • Extended page history management tool (per page and activity wide)
  • Ability to add new paragraphs and new pages, easily, at the end of each page

Please see our wiki support page for additional instructions.

Assignment Enhancements

screen image of assignmentThe assignment activity module allows instructors to collect work from students, review it, and provide feedback including grades. We are no longer able to use the "Assignment 2.2" tool and have enabled the "Assignment" tool for the Moodle 2.4 version.

  • Submission and Grading status - As the student progresses through he assignment, the submission and grade status will update. Showing the students if they have submitted an assignment, if it has been graded or not.
  • Submission statement - It will be possible to set a submission statement so students have to check a box promising their work is original before submitting it.
  • Instructors can force students to submit only or allow for draft files as well.
  • Blind marking i.e. not knowing the identity of students when grading. Students' names will be replaced by randomly generated Participant numbers.
  • Graders can be notified via PolyLearn's message tool. The message will inform the grader that there is a file to grade and if the assignment is on-time or late.
  • Grading summary page displays a summary of the assignments, number of participants, number of drafts, numbers of submissions, due dates and time remaining.
  • Submission date extensions - Teachers can set a cut-off date (and time) beyond which submissions will no longer be accepted. They can also grant extensions for those who miss the deadline.
  • Able to enter grades in decimal format.
  • Group assignment grading - The instructor only needs to grade one student and all the group students will be graded too. Instructor's can still provide individual grades as well.

If you would like to learn more about the Assignment tool, please review the support page.

New Icons

Moodle.org is working hard to support mobile users. Their Moodle 2.4 mobile templates and new icons are a step forward in mobile support. The system still provides the same functions, but the icon designs have changed.

NOTE: The icons will be a little big until Wednesday Aug. 28, when we resize the new icons to be the same size as the OLD PolyLearn icon size.

screen image of old news screen image of new news
screen image of old settings screen image of new settings
screen image of old activities screen image of new icons
screen image of old menu screen image of new menu