What's NEW in PolyLearn Moodle 3.3 (Fall 2017)

The PolyLearn system will be upgraded to Moodle version 3.3 on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Moodle has improved the LMS by cleaning up the core code to allow for improved performance and integrations. The next long release will be version 3.4, which will will install for Fall 2018.

NOTE: As always, make sure to use supported Browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Do not use Internet Explorer.

Enhancements added during Fall 2017:

In the Moodle 3.3 upgrade you will notice these changes:


OneDrive File Link

Cal Poly users have access to OneDrive via the Portal. People can create, edit, and store files on OneDrive. Now faculty can choose to link their OneDrive file to their PolyLearn course shell. This will allow faculty to have "one" file that can be modified anytime and linked to multiple PolyLearn sections. Now faculty will not have to modify the file in PolyLearn for each section to update a file.

To use this feature, you would need to use the File tool. To learn more, please see the support page.

Google DOC conversion to PDF in the Assignment Tool

The Assignment Grade tool added last Fall 2017 would only display PDF files for annotation. Now with the Google converter, DOC/DOCX files will be converted to PDF and will display for annotation. Please read more about the Grade tool. NOTE: the Assignment must be a "File submission" only, do not use the "Online text".

Student Grades View

The student view - User Report, for Fall 2017 has changed from last year. The Fall shells only have Grade and Feedback visible and the Course Total will not display if you have hidden items.

User report for Fall 2017

Your students would benefit if you add additional columns and show the Course Total. This will be fixed in all Winter 2018 shells.

To edit the User Report,

  1. Click on the Setup tab, then the Course grade settings tab.
    Course grade setting tab
  2. Scroll down to the User Report section.
  3. Choose Show for Show ranges.
  4. Choose Show totals excluding hidden items for Hide totals if they contain hidden items.
  5. Scroll down and click on the Save changes button.
    Ideal User Report
    NOTE: To show the letter or percent, choose Grade display type. (real/percent) or (real/letter) Grade display type

Completion Tracking Enabled in All Shells

As a default all course shells will have Completion tracking enabled.

the checkboxes are displayed on teh course home page

Completion tracking allows the instructor to set completion requirements for each activity. It provides a check box next to each activity so students can quickly see what is required and if they have completed it. Completion tracking also provides an Activity report to allow instructors to see on one page who has completed which activities. Completion tracking can also help with forum grading by allowing the instructor to see if the students had posted and replied the number of required times. To learn more, see the tutorial.

competion tracking screen image - set to YES

Bulk Edit for Completion Settings

When you choose to use Completion Tracking, each activity has its own settings for requirements to "complete" the tasks. With the Bulk Edit, you can create requirements for all the activities within one page.

From the Administration block, click on the Course completion link.

Screen image of Bulk edit activity completion

On this same section, you can also define the default settings for an activity. For example, if you do not want to have a completion tracking for any of your resources or labels, you can set that on the Default activity completion tab.

Learn more about Completion Tracking.

Number of Sections Moved

Some new course shells may only have the General (Top Block) displayed. Once you copy content into the course shell, more topics will appear.

The ability to add additional sections is now on the course page while Editing is ON. Scroll to the bottom of the sections (topic/week) and click on the Add topics link to add additional sections.

Screen image of section options


Hidden from Students

When the instructor hides an activity or resource from a student, it will appear grayed out. Moodle has also added the "Hidden from students" box so it is clear to the instructor that the item is hidden.


Admin Block Changes

The Course admin block has changes slightly. The Grade link is now located under the Navigation block. Instructors can still access the course Gradebook via the Gradebook setup link. Students would see their course grade from the Navigation > Grades link.

The Activity chooser on/off link has also been removed. Now users would use the Add an activity or resource" link at the bottom of each section while Turn Editing is on.

question bank boxed