What's NEW in PolyLearn (Spring 2019)

NOTE: As always, make sure to use supported Browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Do not use Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge.

Spring 2018 Enhancements:


With the changes in the Boost theme having QuickMail now located in the Left Menu, we needed to add options to allow faculty to turn off QuickMail for students. This required us to install the newest QuickMail Plugin and modify the Left Menu with the Configure option. Now faculty can configure QuickMail to address their course needs. The new QuickMail will also allow students to "reply" to emails. Even with the "no-reply@polymail.calpoly.edu"...the name of the instructor and their email address is connected to the email message and will reply to them. Learn more about the QuickMail tool.

Left Menu QuickMail tool with Configureation selected

NOTE: As of 4/7, QuickMail History was lost after the QuickMail 2 install. History was restored, but attachments / embedded items were lost. We can retrieve attachments as a zip file. We recommend that you put all attachments within your course resources and not QuickMail. QuickMail attachments create links to files in PolyLearn - not a true attachments sent to the student. If you want to send attachments to your students, please use the course alias generated by ITS. If you have questions, please email polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu

Mass Action Block

The Mass Action Block is a plugin that allows faculty to choose a group of items and perform a mass change. Such as: hide, show, move, outdent, indent, and delete. This block will provide quick and effective options for creating and modify courses.

Mass Action block screen image

To Add a Block

  1. In the Left Menu, at the bottom, click on the Add a block button and choose the block you want to add.
    screen image of add a block pull-down list

Using the Mass Action Block

  1. Select the items you want to edit.
  2. Use the Mass Actions blocs to modify the items.