What's NEW in PolyLearn Moodle 3.4 (Winter 2019)

NOTE: As always, make sure to use supported Browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Do not use Internet Explorer.

Fall 2018 Enhancements:

Boost Theme

Starting Winter Quarter, all PolyLearn courses will be in Boost. It is user friendly and content-focused to allow users to navigate the course space with greater ease. There is more flexibility to navigate within and between your courses and activities. Users can open and close the left side panel with links to essential course elements such as grades, resources, calendars, and other courses. Instructors can show all your course modules at once or view them individually by collapsing or expanding the view in the center column, or toggle between modules in the left navigation panel. Boost is mobile friendly allowing users to access course resources offline.

Quick Guide (pdf)
Boost Orientation (video)

Boost theme example image


Boost Atto Text Editor Updates

The Atto text editor in Boost has been updated to allow instructors to create a boarder for tables and 4px boarder padding so the text doesn't touch the boarder lines.

Turn Editing On - Default for Instructors

When the instructor opens a PolyLearn course shell, the course will be default have editing turned on. This removes the extra step for instructors to Turn Editing On before working on their courses.

Import Grades with emplid

Instructors of large lectures may use scantrons for exams. Now instructors can import scantron grades into the PolyLearn Gradebook by emplid.

To learn more about the empleid import, please see the support page.

Revert Course

This feature was added in Fall, but may of you may not know about it. Each quarter faculty copy content into their current course shells. Sometimes the wrong content is copied and the faculty would email polylearnsupport to have the course deleted and wait 24 hours for the course to return.

Now with the Revert Course tool, faculty can reset their course to its original default state and start over quickly.
This feature is available the first 1.5 weeks of the quarter.

  1. In the Course menu, click on Revert Course.
  2. Read the message and click on the Continue button.
    NOTE: Do not Reset Course if students have already accessed your course and added participation/content.

If you do not see the Revert Course link, it is becuase your Course Start Date has passed. You will need to change that date to a future date before the Revert Course link will appear. You can change the start date back when it is done.

  1. Click on the Edit Settings link in the Course menu.
  2. Change the Course start date.
    Change start date sceen image


Removal of Dropped Students

This feature was added in Fall, but may of you may not know about it. During enrollment students add and drop courses frequently.
In every PolyLearn shell, there are dropped students listed in your Gradebooks, Participants, and Groups.

PolyLearn will automatically removed all dropped students until the first day of the quarter (Fall 2018 - Sept. 19).
After Setp. 20, you can manually remove any additional dropped students.