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Cal Poly’s Learning Management System (LMS), PolyLearn, is based on the Moodle platform originally developed by educator and programmer Martin Dougiamas. Moodle is an open source (no license fee) and open standard LMS. A global developer community exists to extend Moodle functionality by developing, testing and approving modular plugins. Many third-party Moodle plugins are available as well.

The PolyLearn support team is dedicated to maintaining a secure and stable environment that reflects current updates, patches and upgrades. Moodle releases updates for bug fixes, patches and new features every week and full version upgrades at least annually (http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Releases). All plugins must adhere to the security and release standards for the current version of Cal Poly's Moodle implementation in order to be included in the PolyLearn environment; they should also be mature and under active development. Ideally, campus implemented plugins would provide benefit and functionality to the majority of PolyLearn instructors and students.

Enhancement requests are reviewed by the PolyLearn support team, which consists of Instructional Designers, Instructors, Application Administrators and Programmers. Requests will be reviewed and evaluated during the established quarterly planning cycles, and requests that are approved will be scheduled for implementation depending on the resources available. Please fill out the request form below to submit your request.

Questions the PolyLearn Support Team considers when evaluating an enhancement request:

Educational Value

  • Would the feature assist in improving student success?
  • Would the feature align with Cal Poly's Strategic Imperatives?
  • Would the feature improve PolyLearn's Accessibility?
  • Would the feature provide value to a large percent of the PolyLearn community?
  • How desirable is the feature, for students, for faculty, for everyone (Must have, Should have, Could have, Would like to have)?
  • In what ways does this feature provide value or improve on the features that already exist?

Support Considerations

  • Will there be significant documentation and/or support staff training required to support this feature request?
  • Is there a significant risk that implementing this feature will create a large number of support requests, confused users, or complaints?
  • When problems arise with this feature, do we have access to resources, or the skills, to adequately troubleshoot and resolve the issue?

Technical Considerations

  • Would the plugin meet the technical requirements for implementation (eg., plugin is approved by Moodle.org development community, plugin is compatible with current version of Moodle, etc.)?
    • Are additional resources needed, if so what are they? (equipment and/or people)
  • Is it mature, prevalent, and under active development?
  • What types of vender costs or maintenance is associated with implementing this feature?
    • For example, are there license requirements or costs?
    • Will this feature prevent us from upgrading the system in an expedient manner?
    • Would this feature introduce incompatibilities with other system components?
  • What additional technical risk is involved with implementing this plugin?

Other Considerations

  • What are the up-front and on-going resource costs associated with implementing or not implementing this plugin?

Documented requests may be submitted to the PolyLearn support team via this online form. Please keep in mind that requests are reviewed and evaluated based on the policies and procedures listed above.

Request Form

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