New Shell Request Form

If you would like a PolyLearn course shell created for a committee or departmental need, this is the form for you.
If you are a faculty member wanting a PolyLearn course for students Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer...this is NOT the form for you. Shells within the Miscellaneous section should not hold student grades. Courses for students, which are graded, are automatically created for faculty via the data feed. Please see the Policies page for more information.

If you are an instructor needing a shell for online, hybrid or flipped development needs, please provide a course name such as: "STAT-212-username".
We are unable to create shell names on Miscellaneous that at the same as graded shells on the Production system.

Your shell account will be generated and emailed to you within 48 hours (M-F 8am - 5pm - excluding holidays).

Faculty/Staff Name
Cal Poly Email
CalPoly username
(ex: John Smith = jsmith)
Course Name
Description of the course
(Only add notes that pertain to this course creation. If you have General PolyLearn questions, please email

If you're requesting a PolyLearn shell for departmental use, please be advised that this course should be treated as temporary and not viewed as a permanent file storage resource. We recommend for long term file storage that you work with your departmental Lan Coordinator for permanent file space. Please refrain from storing large files within your departmental PolyLearn shell. Click for additional information on the policies and procedures for PolyLearn.

I accept the policy terms above and understand this is a temporary resource.
Please type YES into the box below.

This policy does not apply to instructional (student/faculty) courses.