The chat module allows students to discuss materials with their peers and instructors. This can be a useful tool for the student to contact the instructor outside of the classroom. Also, the student may use the chat tool in order to talk with groups and collaborate on course activities.

Entering a chat

Standard chat format

When joining a chat activity, there are two different formats for displaying the content. If the student is using software such as a screen reader, they should use the accessible format, otherwise the standard format is sufficient for participation.

  1. Click the Chat activity.
  2. Click Click here to enter the chat now.

Accessible interface format

The student has two options when joining a chat activity. If the student requires the assistance of accessibility software, they will need to use the accessible interface format when using the chat.

  1. Click the Chat activity.
  2. Click Use more accessible interface.


Participating in chat

Talking in chat

  1. Click on the Chat activity.
  2. Click either Click here to enter the chat now or Use more accessible interface.
  3. Enter a message text into the text box.
  4. Click either Send or Submit (depending on which chat format that is currently in use). Alternately, push the Enter/Return key on the keyboard.


Customizing the chat window

When using the standard chat format it is possible to change how the chat is displayed. This allows for a more personalized experience as well as a greater convenience.

  1. Click on the Chat activity.
  2. Click Click here to enter the chat now.
  3. Click the Themes button.
    theme button boxed
  4. Choose either:
    • Bubble: This option makes the text appear on the screen within speech bubbles. It also centers the text input box and gives it rounded edges.
    • Compact: This option makes the text appear on the screen within blocks. It also offsets the text input box to the left of the screen and gives it square edges.
  5. Another option for customization is the size of the users panel. The users panel can be expanded or retracted by clicking the divider between the message frame and the users frame.
    chat divider boxed

Viewing past sessions

Students can view past sessions in order to clarify what had taken place in previous conversations.

  1. Click on the existing Chat activity.
  2. Click View past chat sessions.
    Note: The option appears in the center of the screen, as well as in the Administration bar.
  3. Find the desired Chat session and click See this session.
    Note: If there has not been a chat session that contained at least two people then a message will appear stating there are no complete sessions. Click List all sessions and choose the session to be displayed by clicking See this session.