The glossary activity module is an archive of terms for the course. Both the instructor and students can submit entries into the Glossary, as well as comment on other entries. The glossary is invaluable for posting vocabulary, key terms, or simply important items for students to access.

Table of Contents

Getting started

Adding/editing a glossary entry

Once the Glossary has been created, it is ready for the adding of entries. Entries can be added by both the instructor and students.

  1. Click on the Glossary activity.
  2. Click on Add a new entry.
    screen image for adding a new entry
  3. Under the General section, type the Concept (required) and Definition (required) of the entry.
  4. Enter any Keyword(s) pertaining to the entry.
  5. Add an Attachment to the entry.
  6. Under the Auto-linking section, choose if This entry should be automatically linked, and determine if This entry is case sensitive and whether to Match whole words only.
    Note: The Auto-linking section will not appear if it has not been enabled in the Glossary settings via the Automatically link glossary entries option.
  7. Choose either Save and return to course or Save and display.


Viewing a glossary

.Viewing a glossary is via the options located below the "Add a new entry" button (see below).

screen image of glossary organization

Clicking on one of the four tabs--Browse by alphabet, Browse by category, Browse by date, and Browse by Author--reorders and displays the entries accordingly. Below these tabs are links for separating and displaying terms by Special (non-alphabetic) symbols or individual letters, and a link to display ALL terms in the Glossary.