Students can view their PolyLearn grades by accessing "Grades" from the Left Menu of any course.
Note: Not all instructors use the PolyLearn Gradebook to keep students up-to-date on their current grades, nor are they required to.
There is not an "error" if you don't see any grades in a particular course. Email your instructor if you'd like to know if they'll be using the PolyLearn Gradebook for the quarter.

Viewing grades

Viewing your Grades in the current course

When you click on the Grades link, you're taken to the "User report" for the current course. This page displays your grades for assignments and assessments in the current course, the current course being the one you clicked on in the portal or from the course list in PolyLearn. Feedback will also appear next to grade entries if the instructor left any.

  1. Click on the Grades link in the from the Left Menu.
    Note: If you can not see the Left Menu, click on the Hamburger icon on the top left to show the menu.
    the grades link highlighted within the settings block
  2. View your grades in the User report. You can click on assignments and tests/surveys to see submission information.
    screen image of the student user report

Viewing your Grades in other courses

Within Grades, you can choose to view your "Overview report" for other PolyLearn courses you are enrolled in. The Overview report gives you a summarized view of your progress through the course; it's not as detailed as the User report but will provide you with the Course total and entry grades. To view your User report for other courses, you'll need to directly access that course and click on Grades from within that course.

  1. Click on the Grades link from the Left Menu.
    the grades link highlighted within the settings block
  2. Click Overview report tab at the top of the page to see the current grades in all your courses for this quarter.
    the courses highlighted within the overview report