The Lesson activity module is a collection of content pages for instruction--a sort of an online lecture. The instructor controls the path through these pages, and can even set up multiple paths through the Lesson. Additionally, can provide questions following a Lesson page for a material comprehension check.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Viewing/working through a Lesson

  1. Click on the Lesson activity. The first page of the Lesson is shown.
  2. Read the content on the page and click the appropriate button at the bottom to advance.
  3. Note: Some pages may have buttons to simply continue, while others may have questions that must be answered in order to continue.
  4. The last page will have a message prompting the end of the Lesson (as seen below).
  5. Note: The grade earned will also be shown. If unsatisfactory, the Lesson may be re-attempted if this option has been enabled by the instructor.
    Screen image of end of lesson message
  6. Click either Return to [course name] or View grades to exit the Lesson.