My Private Files

The My Private Files tool is used for storing course-related files onto the PolyLearn website for use when needed, or simply, file storage for personal use. Both the instructor and students can utilize this tool, and files are personal and not viewable by others. My private files can be useful for things such as backing up assignments, in the occurrence that the instructor loses an assignment or a hard drive fails.

Table of Contents

Using My private files

Uploading a file

  1. From the right Private Files menu, click Manage my private files button.
  2. Click the Add file icon.
  3. Note: Click the Create folder icon to create a folder to add and store contents in. This is useful for organizing files (for example, separating files for individual courses).
    Note: Left Click on the file to reveal options to Download, Rename, Move, and Delete the file.
    Screen image of file options in My private files

  4. If a zipped folder has been added, unzipping it will automatically create a folder with all its contents.
    Screen image of unzipping zip file in My private files
  5. Click Update when finished.
  6. Note: This simple last step is commonly overlooked. Failure to click Update leads to an unsuccessful file upload, even though the file has already been selected and shows up in the list of files. Don't forget to do this step!

Adding from My private files

Some instructors may set up activities in PolyLearn where files must be uploaded to be graded. Choosing to add a file will bring up the File picker window, where students can upload files from My private files. Students also have the option of uploading files from a local area (such as a hard drive), files that they have previously uploaded onto the PolyLearn course website, and files that they have recently uploaded.

  1. Select the activity/module in which to add a file.
  2. Find the option to attach a file. Click the Add... button.
  3. Click Private files.
  4. Screen image of Screen image of the upload a file option
  5. Select the file to upload, select the name to save it as, and click Select this file.
  6. Note: Choose from the View as icons or View as list tabs to see the files accordingly.
  7. Click Save and Display (or the equivalent at the bottom of the page for saving and proceeding).