The quiz activity in Moodle allows the instructors to create tests for the students to complete. These quizzes can vary greatly in content and format depending on the instructor's preferences.

Table of Contents

Taking quizzes

Attempting a quiz

Students will be able to complete the quiz entirely within the PolyLearn course website. Also, if the instructor permits it, the student may be able to complete the quiz numerous times.

Note: If re-attempting a quiz, follow these same steps.

  1. Click the quiz activity.
  2. Click (Re)Attempt the quiz.

  3. Options
    • Check is a clickable button for certain quiz formats. When enabled, clicking this button will check whether or not the entered answer is correct.
      Note: Once entered the answer is saved and clicking the Check button is not necessary to receive credit for the input answers.
  4. Click Next after answering each question on the page in order to proceed to the next page.
    Note: Clicking the question number in the Quiz navigation block will allow the student to jump to a particular question in the quiz.
  5. Once finished with all of the questions, on the summary page click Submit all and finish.
  6. Note: While on the summary page, it is possible to click on any question numbers in order to revisit those questions before submission.
    Screen image of quiz navigation block
  7. After submitting, the student will have the ability to review the attempt. Click Next to progress through pages.
  8. Click Finish review when done reviewing the attempt.

Immediate Feedback

A student can "check" their answer during the quiz attempt. Checking an answer is the same as submitting only that answer for grading. Depending on the instructor's setting, the question may only be allowed to be checked once during the attempt. When the quiz is set to only one attempt,  the student can't go back and change the answer. When there are multiple attempts, they can just attempt the quiz again knowing the right answer or at least that their answer was wrong. Even though there is a message at the end of the quiz that you can review and change your answers, checked questions cannot always be changed. Therefore, be sure of your answer before checking, because this may be your only chance to guess.

Quiz check button

Reviewing quizzes

Viewing a graded quiz

If you have FINISHED (i.e., completed and submitted the quiz for grading) a quiz, you will have the option to "Review" your submitted quiz after you have completed it or after the quiz has closed (if your instructor has allowed it).
Note: If you have NOT finished the quiz, i.e., you never started the quiz or started but did not finish the quiz, you will NOT have the option of reviewing the quiz after the quiz has closed.

If you started but did not finish the quiz, you cannot review the quiz and this will appear after the quiz has closed:
screen image of quiz attempt

If you never started the quiz, you cannot review the quiz and this will appear after the quiz has closed:
screen image of800

If you did complete and submit a quiz attempt, here's how to access it:

  1. Click on the quiz activity on the main course page.
  2. Click Review next to an attempt to view feedback (depends on what your instructor has selected for you to see, but can include comments, correct answer, your answer, etc.).
    screen image of the quiz info page
  3. Click Next to progress through questions. You can also use the Quiz navigation on the left side of the page to quickly jump to a specific question, show all quesitons on one page, or finish the review.
    Note: Correct answers in the Quiz navigation are shown in green, incorect answers are shown in red, and partially correct answers are shown in yellow.
    screen image of the next button in the review quiz area
  4. Click Finish review when done reviewing the attempt.