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PolyLearn is a central hub for all classes at Cal Poly. Each class has its own course site, with its own instructors providing content and materials. PolyLearn has made it easy to access any of your classes from any course site.

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Navigating Site Pages

Navigating Site Pages

Viewing Site pages

The main page of a course website consists of various blocks on both sides of the page, with class content in between. This content is separated into sections as either topics (such as the names chapters from the course textbook) or weeks in the quarter. This page can be accessed in several ways: clicking the course name in the "breadcrumb" trail near the top of the page (see image below), clicking the course name in the My courses block, or clicking the course in the Navigation block.

Screen image of breadcrumb trail

It is also possible to go to any specific page/activity of any course from anywhere within the PolyLearn site:

  1. In the Navigation block, click Courses and then click the current term (such as Fall 2011).
  2. Screen image of navigation block displaying all enrolled courses
  3. Beneath the term is a list of the classes the student is currently enrolled in.
  4. Note: Clicking on a course will take you to its respective page.
  5. Click the triangle next to the course. This shows each of the topics/weeks that the course is separated into.
  6. Click the triangle next to one of the topics/weeks. This brings up the activities for that particular section.
  7. Note: This is one effective way at managing which assignments have to be completed, given the fact that all classes can be checked in this same manner.