The Wiki activity module is a collection of pages that are editable by anyone, and allows everyone in the course to collaborate with one another for learning. Pages can be added to the Wiki for organization, and can be commented on to offer suggestions, feedback, etc.

Getting Started

Create page

When the instructor creates an individual or collaborative wiki the student will first need to choose the format (HTML is recommended) and then click on the Create page button. Once the page has been created, the student(s) will be able to add content and additional pages to their wiki.

create wiki page

Adding/editing a new wiki page

Separate content into different pages within the Wiki. These pages can be linked from the first page that was created, or can be linked to other pages within the Wiki.

  1. Click on the Wiki activity.
  2. Click on the Edit tab.
    screen image of wiki edit tab
  3. In the text box, create links for pages in the Wiki (see Note). Apply necessary Tags and click Save.
  4. Note: Page links are not created via hyperlink. Instead, type the name of the page, and enclose it with double square brackets: [[ ]]. Separating page links can be done in any way desirable, but the "|" character (located directly below the backspace button, must hold shift to input) is recommended for a seamless look.

    Syntax to create links:
    screen image of page creation


    Screen image of created pages

  5. Click on the link to the page to be edited and click on the Edit tab. Enter the content of the page in the text box, any necessary Tags, and click Save.
  6. Note: Sub-pages can be created within other pages. Use the same method outlined above.
    Note: Links that have content in them appear as green. Links that do not yet have content appear as red and italicized.

  7. An alternate way to add a new page:
    1. Click on the Wiki activity.
    2. Under the Navigation block on the left side of the screen, click on New.
    3. Enter content, and click Save.
    4. Note: Remember to link the new page elsewhere in the Wiki (see Step 3 above).

Fixing page links

To add a link to an already existing page, you must type the exact name of the page enclosed in double square brackets: [[ ]]. You may not link to a page via hyperlink.  If you do this, it will work only for you. Anyone else who views your page and clicks on the link you made will be shown an error that says page does not exist. This is because the URL you used in the hyperlink is incorrect. If you have already made a link to an existing page using a hyperlink, you will need to fix it.

  1. Click on the link you made when you are in the Edit tab.
    The edit tab is highlighted on the wiki page
  2. In the HTML toolbox, two buttons will be highlighted. One is the Insert/edit link button, and the other is the Unlink button.
    The link and unlink buttons are highlighted, as well as a sample hyperlink in the text box.
  3. Click Unlink.
    Note: Instead of unlinking, you may just delete the hyperlink altogether by erasing the word(s).
  4. Now go to the page you are trying to link to and copy the name of the page. This can be done by highlighting the text and right clicking (or command click on a Mac computer).
    The page name is highlighed to indicate what must be copied.
  5. Return to the page where you will be creating the link.
  6. Click the Edit tab once again.
  7. Paste the name of the page where you are creating the link, adjust the font as needed, and enclose it in double square brackets: [[ ]].  The link should now be correct. Click Save.
    The page name is inserted in square brackets.


Inserting / Uploading Files

Students can access files that the instructor has uploaded via the Files tab. If a student needs to insert / upload a file for other students and the instructor to see or download, then the student can use the Insert / Edit link tool within the HTML editor.

  1. Click on the Wiki activity.
  2. Click on the Edit tab.
    screen image of wiki edit tab
  3. Type the title of the file name you will be uploading. This will be the name of the link.
  4. Highlight the title and click on the Insert / Edit Link button.
    screen image of the insert/edit link button
  5. Click on the Browse repositories button.
  6. Choose Upload a file in the left column.
    Screen image of the file picker
  7. Click Browse... in order to locate the file that is going to be uploaded.
  8. Navigate to the location on your computer in order to find the file. Click the file and then click Open.
  9. Click on the Upload this file button.
  10. Click on the Insert button.
  11. Save the wiki by clicking on the Save button on the bottom of the page.

Wiki comments

Comments are an effective way to give feedback and suggestions on the content of a particular page.

  1. Click on the Wiki activity.
  2. Click on page of interest, and click on the Comments tab.
    screen image of wiki comments tab
  3. Click Add comment to share a message. The comment can be deleted by clicking on the corresponding 'X'.

History/map of wiki

The history and map of the Wiki are useful for easy navigating as well as keeping track of the activity within the Wiki.

  • History
    1. Click on the Wiki activity.
    2. Click on the page in which to see the history.
    3. Click on the History tab.
      Screen image of wiki history tab
    4. Note: The history is shown in descending order, newest at top. Also shown are version numbers, which users have made changes to the Wiki, and when the Wiki was changed.
    5. Click on two versions of the page and click Compare selected.
    6. Note: Comparing two versions of the page will highlight the differences between the two versions. Each version can be viewed in its entirety, and the previous version can also be restored as the current page by clicking Restore next to the version number.

  • Map
    1. Click on the Wiki activity.
    2. Click on the page in which to see the map.
    3. Click on the Map tab.
    4. Screen image of wiki map tab
    5. From the Map menu, select how to view the pages:
      • Contributions lists the pages that only you have edited.
      • Links shows the pages that the current page links from, and what it links to.
      • Orphaned pages shows the pages that aren't linked to any other page.
      • Page Index lists a branching of the pages connected to the current page.
      • Page list shows all pages in alphabetical order.
      • Updated pages shows, by date, which pages have been most recently updated.
    6. Note: Use the map to navigate the Wiki easier. This prevents from going through multiple pages to get to a single page, and makes it easier to access previous pages.

Searching a Wiki

Searching a Wiki is useful for finding specific pages and key terms/ideas.

  1. Click on the Wiki activity.
  2. Enter key terms/phrases of interest into the search box (located in the top right corner). Click Search wikis.
    Screen image of search box

View Wiki pages

You should be able to view the student's wiki via the Choose / Group / Visible Groups: pull-down list. If you have difficulties viewing the content in the student wiki, try (in this order) ...

  1. Clicking on the Files tab
  2. Clicking on the Team / Group name in the pull-down list
  3. Click on the wiki link in the breadcrumbs on the top of the page
      wiki view