The Workshop activity module is a tool to allow for peer review of submissions. This tool will be used by your instructors to have you grade one another, based on a rubric they provide. Keep in mind that the grading scheme is up to the instructor, but as part of your personal grade, by default you will receive 80% based on your own grade, and then the remaining 20% based on your reviews. The tool is set out in phases, first to allow the professor to set up the tool, then to allow you to submit, and then finally to allow you to asses each others' submissions. Once the assessment phase completes, you will receive your grade for the activity.

Getting Started

Waiting for setup

Once your instructor begins a workshop, they will need to go through a few steps before it is ready for the student. If you as the student navigate to the workshop and it has the Setup phase highlighted, you will need to wait until later to participate in the assignment. To check the current phase:

  1. Click on the Workshop activity.
  2. View the five columns at the top. If in Setup phase, the left-most column will be highlighted.
    the setup phase is highlighted in the workshop tool

Submitting a file

The student can submit files only during the Submission phase. They will know what phase they are in by the display at the top of the Workshop activity. Once submitted, the student can edit the file for as long as the workshop remains in the Submission phase.

  1. Click on the Workshop activity.
  2. Click the Start preparing your submission button.
    the submission phase of the workshop is displaying the Start preparing yoru submission link.
  3. Enter a title for your submission.
  4. Enter Submission content and/or attach a file for the submission.
  5. Click Save changes.
    Note: If the student wishes to edit their submission, they will need to click the Edit submission button from within the workshop, and then complete steps 3-5 from above.
    the edit submission button is highlighted on the workshop submission page

Assessing submissions

The second main step of the workshop is to assess other students' work. Once the instructor has enabled the Assessment phase, the student will be able to see who has been assigned to them for assessment. They can then assess each student's submission based on the rubric that the instructor has created.

  1. Click on the Workshop activity.
  2. Click the Assess button for the submission.
    the Assess button is highlighted on the assessment phase of the workshop
  3. After reading the submission, scroll down to the assessment form. The contents of this form are generated by your instructor based on how they wish you to grade the submissions.
  4. Choose a value from the Grade pull-down menu for each Aspect of the Assessment form.
  5. Options
    • Add Comments to the grade.
    • Click Save and continue editing at the bottom of the form to save your current grading progress.
    the assessment form of the workshop is displayed
  6. Click Save and close once all aspects have been graded.

Continue assessing all of your assigned submissions before your instructor ends the assessment phase. This is because once they have moved to the grading phase, you will no longer be able to assess submissions. Since the student's grade also depends on their assessments, if they are missing assessments, their grade will be negatively affected.

Getting a grade

Once your instructor closes the assessment phase, it is up to them to assess your submissions themselves, and then appropriately judge the peer reviews. While in this phase, similar to the setup phase, the student has no actual interaction with the workshop. They will need to wait until the activity is closed entirely until the student can see the grade appear in the Gradebook. To check if the workshop is currently in the Grading phase:

  1. Click on the Workshop activity.
  2. View the five columns at the top. The Grading evaluation phase column will be highlighted.
    the setup phase is highlighted in the workshop tool

Note: Once the grading phase is completed, and the workshop is closed, the student will have two items in the Gradebook. One grade will correspond to their submission, and the other to their reviews on other submissions. These two items will be labeled appropriately (Submission/Assessment).