PolyLearn Grades are Missing

Starting Winter 2018, the Grades link is now located in the Course Menu.
Screen image of the navigation block > grades

Instructor MERGED courses, where is it?

Instructors can choose to place all their course content into ONE PolyLearn shell, which means you may NOT be enrolled in the ONE shell they show to students.

For example, Bob (student) in enrolled in ENGL-134-14 (section 14).
The instructor, merged all her sections and only turned ON ENGL-134-01 (section 1).
Bob's Portal > My Classes channel may have the PolyLearn button in the "Dropped" list or in "You are NOT officially enrolled in these classes" list.
Students can ALWAYS click on the PolyLearn Home link in the bottom blue box to open PolyLearn courses.
Screen image of student My Classes merged.

PolyLearn Course Shells Hidden

Faculty must choose to "show" PolyLearn course shells to students. By default they are hidden. The (PolyLearn) button on the right of the course name would not appear until the instructor shows the course. If the instructor said they have shown their PolyLearn courses...it can take up to 4 hours before it will appear on this list.

Student Portal My Classes - Hidden

Problem requiring data from server

If PolyDATA is down, then courses will not appear in the My Classes portlet on the Portal. People can still access their PolyLearn courses by clicking on the PolyLearn Home link.
screen image of PolyDATA in MyClasses

PolyLearn courses not appearing in the Portal (My Classes)

If you do not see links to your PolyLearn courses that your instructors have made available,You can click on the "PolyLearn Home" link (below) and you should be able to access the PolyLearn system and the courses right away. The Portal can take up to 4 hours to refresh the page to show the PolyLearn link.

PolyLearn Home link

Info Block

...once in PolyLearn, click on the My Courses link in the Info Block. This will display a list of all your PolyLearn courses in a new window.

Am I officially enrolled into a course?

Instructors may add you into their PolyLearn course before you officially enroll via the Portal > CP Reg tool. If the course link appears in the My Classes channel within the box stating "you are NOT officially enrolled in these classes" make sure that you talk to your instructor and registration to get this resolved. You may also have classes you are not officially enrolled in because your instructor has multiple sections of the same course and has decided to use only one PolyLearn page, so they have added you to a different section of a course that you are already enrolled in. Courses you are officially enrolled into will appear in the top box under the Class List.

PolyLearn Not Officially Enrolled

Your instructor may also choose to only use one of the PolyLearn course shells. For example; if the instructor is teaching 3 sections of the same course, he can choose to only add content into section 1 and not turn on sections 2 and 3. If your instructor is only using one section, you would have the course section you enrolled into in the Class List (ME-211-10), but the ME-211-03 course is turned on and the link displayed within the "You are NOT officially enrolled in these classes" section or the Dropped section..

The PolyLearn button may also be listed in the "Waitlisted" section if you had waitlisted that course within the enrollment period.

student myclasses view

Unable to connect to Moodle, PolyLearn links will be missing

If your PolyLearn links are missing. It can take up to 4 hours before the available appears next to the course you are taking after it has been made available.

. PolyLearn Home link

You can still access your PolyLearn courses. At the bottom of the channel, click on the PolyLearn Home link.

Unable to receive PolyLearn emails

Check your Clutter or Spam folder in your email. Email would be from noreply@polylearn.calpoly.edu.

When your instructor sends you email from PolyLearn, the emails are sent to your Cal Poly email address. If you are not using your Cal Poly email address, then make sure to forward your Cal Poly email to the email you are using. Click to learn more about who to forward your email.

If you are not getting emails from the PolyLearn News Forum, then it may be your PolyLearn settings under Messages.

From the Top Right:

  1. Click on the System Menu pull-down arrow.
  2. Click on the Preferences button.
  3. Click on the Message preference link.
  4. Go back to the menu and click on Notification preferences link. Make sure that Email is ON for both Online and Offline.

Can't Drag and Drop in the Browser

Recommended minimum browser:

  • Firefox 4
  • Internet Explorer 10 (required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle)
  • Safari 5
  • Google Chrome 11

I Added a course, but it isn't in PolyLearn yet

Once you have added a new course within the Portal, the instructor will need to approve the "add" and the information will be updated in the Official "PeopleSoft" system. You may not see the PolyLearn course link for 24-48 hours depending on the time line of the instructor's approval. PolyLearn only receives new enrollments once a day at 6am. If the approval occurred at 6:30am on Wednesday, PolyLearn will not have the information until 6am Thursday.

The Portal also caches every 4 hours. So the Portal (my.calpoly.edu) information may be old. You can check the PolyLearn's system for the course now.

If you are unable to wait the 24-48 hrs to access the course content, please contact your instructor and ask them to manually enroll you into the PolyLearn course shell. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the "official" enrollment does occur or you will NOT receive credit for the course at the end of the quarter.

Students are unable to use QuickMail

After our last update to Moodle 2.3.6, the QuickMail tool is not allowing students to email outside of their groups. This is being worked on, but in the mean time the Instructor can create a group for the whole class (including the instructor) to allow the students to use the QuickMail tool fully. Please contact your instructor and let them know you are unable to use QuickMail.

Can't upload file in my browser

Some browsers are not fully supported by Moodle. Most features will work in all browsers but if your browser is failing for any reason, click on the Browser Checker link to see if your browser is supported for PolyLearn (Moodle) 2.1. Also, view the Tech Requirements page to see a full breakdown on supported platforms and how to get PolyLearn working in the various browsers.

File upload error using Firefox on Android

When uploading a file from Firefox Mobile, the file names will be wrong. The instructor will need to rename the file after uploading it by clicking the page icon next to the file and choosing Rename. The file extension will also need to be changed as it will currently be null. Change the extension to whatever it was in the original file, such as .docx, .xlsx, or .ppt. Click Rename once the correct file name is input.

Images are SLOW to load

When placing an image on a web page, your image should be only as large as it needs to be to display correctly on the page. If your image is too large (800 x 600) and you resize it on the web page editor (using something like PolyLearn), the file size is not reduced, just the image size. If you reduce the image size in Photoshop to display the correct size on the web page you can save file space/size and allow the viewers to view the image quicker. Please see the Photo Optimization page for more information.

Can't view file on my iPad

If you are unable to view a file from PolyLearn on your mobile device, your instructor can change the file's Display options. Instructors can change the file Display within the Add File tool.

I can't find Grades

The Grades button is located within the Left Menu. The Left Menu can be hidden by clicking on the Hamburger button.

To Show the Left Menu:

  1. Click on the Hamburger button on the top left.
  2. Click on the Grades button.

Quiz: Immediate Feedback

A student can "check" their answer during the quiz attempt. Checking an answer is the same as submitting only that answer for grading. When the quiz is set to only one attempt, the student can't go back and change the answer. When there are multiple attempts, they can just attempt the quiz again knowing the right answer or at least that their answer was wrong. Even though there is a message at the end of the quiz that you can review and change your answers, checked questions cannot be changed.

Quiz check button

Can't Upload Files with Safari

While using Safari on your MAC, you may find that the loading wheel will spin and the file doesn't ever load. If this happens you can either pick the Creative Commons in the Choose License pull-down list or use Firefox to download the file. See Student Assignment for more information.

I can't access my PolyLearn Course

PolyLearn is only available for a small group of Fall pilot faculty.The instructor may have not turned on the PolyLearn course to allow students to view it. Please ask your instructor if they had change the availability of the course to "This course is available to students." If they have made the course available, please view the How to Login tutorial for additional information.

I forgot my password

All users (Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students) login to PolyLearn through the My CalPoly Portal (http://my.calpoly.edu).

  • Visit the Cal Poly Password Manager if you have forgotten your My Cal Poly Password.
  • If this doesn't work, visit Password Help.
  • Cal Poly Passwords expire annually. If your password has expired, visit Password Help.

How to Login

All users (Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students) login to PolyLearn through the My CalPoly Portal. Please view the How to Login tutorial for additional information.

Can't find files that I just uploaded into My Private Files

Once file a file has been selected via the File picker to upload to My Private Files, the Save changes button must be clicked. Otherwise, the file will not be saved into My Private Files.

File is uploaded:

Screen image of uploading file to My Private Files

Save changes MUST be clicked:
My Private Files Save Changes