PolyLearn Enhancements

One of the benefits of using an open source tool like Moodle is that enhancements can be made.
If you have questions about the list below or wish to suggest additional improvements, please send email to polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu.
Enhancements will be prioritized based on campus-wide needs, staff resources, and system requirements.

Available Now

Unlimited Grades (4/28/2012)

Instructors can now assign point values greater than the total. For example if the assignment is worth 100 pts, the instructor can give 110 pts (above 100) to account for the 10 pts extra credit.

Additional Space Between Icons (4/29/2012)

Increased the space between the tool icons to help facilitate easy selection.

New My Courses Block (1/22/2012)

To improve performance and ease for accessing 5 quarters worth of PolyLearn courses. The New My Courses block was added 1/22 7:30 am. This block is located on the HOME page. It allows the student and instructor to access courses by quarter in an easy tab format.

Now within the course, only the course outline is displayed in the Navigation block. Having only the course outline will allow the course page to load quickly.

Google Docs (3/11/2012)

Allows users to access their Google tools within the File Picker.

Gradebook Builder (9/03/2012)

Provides the faculty an easy WYSIWYG tool for creating the Gradebook. Please see the tutorial for more information.

2.3 New Tools (9/14/2012) Please see the web page for more information

Field Trip Manager (1/10/2013)

The Field Trip Manager block is a single place in all PolyLearn Courses to allow faculty and students to get access to field trip forms and requirements.

2.4 New Tools (8/25/2013) Please see the web page for more information

  • New Assignment tool
  • OU Wiki - Improved WIKI tool for Moodle

Coming Soon

  • Mobile theme