Automatic Course Shell Creation

Course shells are uploaded from Peoplesoft. Course shells appear two quarters in advance. For example, Fall shells will appear in PolyLearn seven days before the Summer quarter starts. A Course Shell is a course website without any content, which is available for instructors to use. Login to PolyLearn through the My CalPoly Portal and add the content to the Course Shell. Students will be unable to view or access the course until the instructor makes it available. If the instructor is teaching a cross listed course and only wish to use one of the Course Shells, please notify PolyLearn Support polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu.

Automatic Instructor Assignment to a Course Shell

The instructor information, listed in Peoplesoft, must be current in order for the Course Shell to be created accurately. If the instructor information in Peoplesoft for the course is listed as Staff, the PolyLearn course will not be assigned to you. If the courses are not accessible to you from PolyLearn and the instructor of record is Staff, you will have to contact your department. Your department (University Scheduler) will notify the University Scheduling Office, which will update Peoplesoft. The Peoplesoft data is sent to PolyLearn M-F at 6am, so it could take up to 24 hours (M-F) before you will have access to the PolyLearn course.

If you are team teaching a course, the first instructor listed in Peoplesoft will be assigned to the PolyLearn course and will need to add and change the role of the other co-instructor(s).

The content added into the courses by the instructor of record (and others the instructor has added with the same role), remains that instructor's intellectual property. If the instructor would like to provide access to their own intellectual property in PolyLearn, the instructor can "Enroll Users" into their course or email polylearnsupport@calpoly.edu requesting access. Due to the nature of the course intellectual property, we are unable to provide access to course content without the written permission of the owner (instructor of record).

Automatic Student Enrollment

On the first day of registration, enrolled students will be added into the PolyLearn Course Shells. The enrollment data in your PolyLearn courses will be updated M-F at 6am to keep up with add/drop, name changes, etc.

Students who have enrolled through CP Reg during the first two weeks will need to wait until the data is sent to PolyLearn M-F at 6am, which can take up to 24 hours (M-F).

Student Course Access & Duration

All enrolled students will automatically be added to the corresponding PolyLearn Course Shells. Once the instructor has made a course available the student will have access to that course (via the Portal) until it has been removed (one year and a quarter later). Students will not see the course link in the Portal until you make your course available. If you do not want your students to access the course after the quarter has been completed, then you must make the course unavailable.

PolyLearn Login/Access

All users (Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students) login to PolyLearn through theca Portal (http://my.calpoly.edu). Only Cal Poly users can access PolyLearn and therefore, your courses.

Non Cal Poly Users

It has recently become policy that ITS is unable to provide PolyLearn accounts to access courseware for non Cal Poly users (those who are not current faculty, staff or students) based on FERPA (privacy rights of the students).

Affiliate accounts can be created to allow non Cal Poly users to access the Portal, PolyLearn, email, and calendar. For more information please visit http://www.servicedesk.calpoly.edu/sites/servicedesk/files/documents/forms/pdf/affiliated_person_request_form.pdf. If you have questions about this, please contact the Service Desk.

PolyLearn Data Backup

Courses are deleted after two years. Please click to see the server cycle schedule.

Database Backup

The PolyLearn server is backed up daily (differentials; daily & full; weekly). The back-ups (30 days) are for full restoration purposes only. If for some reason the system fails, these back-ups will be used to restore the database.

Note: It is not possible to restore an individual course, file, assignment, grade, discussion or test/survey through this backup process. If you have deleted or changed any of these individual items, ITS will not be able to retrieve them. It is important that you retain your own backups onto your own computer hard drive or burn to a CD.

Course Content Backup

Your course will remain in PolyLearn for 8 quarters (ex: Fall 2014 courses will not be removed until the end of Fall 2017). If you teach your course more than once a year, you can copy your Fall 2016 course content into your Winter 2017 course with Import tool. If you don't teach the course often, you can Backup the course and Restore it into PolyLearn later.

Student Content Backup

Your course will remain in PolyLearn for 8 quarters. If you would like to keep your student files after 8 quarters you must keep your own records of grades and assignments.

The instructor can export and save the Grades with PolyLearn's export feature. This information can be accessed in a spreadsheet program or saved as Excel.

All files uploaded into the Assignments can be downloaded to the faculty's desktop computer and stored on the hard drive for future reference.